About Us

HydroGreen Erosion Control, LLC, was established in 2008. We are certified in Erosion and Sediment Control, as well as Storm Water Management providing erosion control solutions for challenging environments through soil stabilization. We specialize in grassing, hydro seeding and straw mulching to establish vegetation for the most difficult erosion control assignments. We can provide improvement solutions through our superior erosion control products, specifications and performance expectations, while saving you time and money. Our products are DOT approved, and we take pride in aligning ourselves with people and products that work the first time. We provide services for DOT, Government and Military, Land Fills, Levee and Dam repairs, areas for reclamation and large civil sites, and we specialize in erosion control and soil stabilization techniques for new and existing solar sites, as well as other power company sites across the southeastern US as well.

Efficient, Effective Solutions with Safety in Mind

HGEC has worked diligently on having a highly disciplined operation, expecting only the best by providing quality Best Management Practices and Safety as outlined through our Corporate Safety Program. Through our commitment to quality workmanship, continuing education, and delivering the most up-to-date information, we will remain in the forefront of this industry.
Our primary goal is the installation of erosion and sediment control systems during construction activities. We are well equipped to serve our clients throughout the southeast. Please contact us for all your environmental stabilization and restoration needs large or small!


Our Services

State-of-the-art technologies and top of the line systems and equipment give HydroGreen Erosion Control the edge over their opponents. With the power and workforce to deploy to jobs all over the Southeast, HydroGreen makes sure that its fleet of working vehicles is always ready to mobilize. Kept in peak shape at all times, we pride ourselves on our workmanship, safety, and appearance – all apparent when HydroGreen is on the job.

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